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Costello, Holly Principal
Oden, Cindy RISE Principal
Stone, Spencer D. Assistant Principal
Whittington, Robyn Counselor

Anderson, Lacey 5th Grade Language Arts - Blue Team
Brasher, Laurie Technology - 5th/6th Grade and Varsity Volleyball Coach
Cagle, Pam 5th Grade Math - Orange Team
Cochran, Aimee SPED
Costello, Holly Principal
Cox, Beth 6th grade Language Arts
Darden, Joanna Science 6th Grade
Dewberry, Wendy 6th grade Language Arts
Doss, Allen Physical Education
Doss, Dee 5th Grade Math -Green Team
Eden, Laurie 5th Grade Social Studies
Funderburg, Corey Band
Gilley, Greg Math 6th Grade
Harper, Heather 5th grade Language Arts -Orange Team
Haynes, Sanda 5th Grade Math - Blue Team
Hill, Carol Music
Hyche, Donna Math 6th Grade
Imlah, Gail Science 6th Grade
Jimmerson, Paulette 6th grade Language Arts
Martin, Amy History 6th Grade
Money, Josh History 6th Grade
Osborne, Tanya Special Education Teacher
Price, Java Science 6th Grade
Reynolds, Denise 5th Grade Science
Rhinehart, Lisa 6th Grade Language Arts
Smartt, Amy 5th Grade History / Language Arts
Smith, Frankie Librarian
Smith, Melissa 5th grade Science
Snow, Meredith SPED
Whitaker, Tracy 5th and 6th Grade Basic Skills / Directed Studies
Whittington, Robyn Counselor
Williams, Haley Math 6th Grade
Wise, Melanie 5th Grade Social Studies

Fuller, Helen SPED
Jackson, Rheba Library & ISS
McKee, Courtney Rise
Poteracki, Sue Bookkeeper
Vandegrift, Sharon 5th Grade

Brasher, Laurie Yearbook/Media